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Videos :

KingJahh Reggae Jam Session @ ALV Studio Banyuwangi - Hotel California cover

Studio ALV lagi kedatangan tamu dari Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan Banyuwangi

KingJahh Reggae Jam Session @ ALV Studio Banyuwangi - We Love Reggae

Nonna 3in1 Band Jam Session @ ALV Studio Banyuwangi - Salam Mesin Kanan

Nonna 3in1 Band Jam Session @ ALV Studio Banyuwangi - Sunset Tanah Anarki (S.I.D.) cover

HendyNada musik Jam Session @ ALV Studio - Sawangen (Dangdut Banyuwangi)

Canvasser Band Jam Session @ ALV Studio Banyuwangi - Kehadiran (Boomerang) cover

Aruna Band Jam Session @ ALV Studio Banyuwangi - Uang (Nicky Astria) cover

Deky New Rastaman Band Jam Session @ ALV Studio Banyuwangi - Pesawat Tempur (Iwan Fals) cover

The Q-Run Band Jam Session @ ALV Studio Banyuwangi - Kembali (Boomerang) cover

Legend Band SMAN 1 Gambiran Jam Session @ ALV Studio Banyuwangi - Harapan dan Duka (Kristina) cover



Vita Alvia
Inez Tinensia

Feedback & Testimonials Product :

Yutsi Surya Pratama - Depok, Indonesia
Pedal Approved : ALV Icarus, ALV A-B Switcher, Ibanez TS9DX mod by ALV

ALV A/B Switcher is useful pedal for my AMT B1 ! Before I get it, I was looking for a pedal that could switched channels in my B1. I found any, but I think they were too expensive for a switcher. Then I was thinking for a custom pedal, and I called Agus ALV to made me a custom switcher pedal. I made a special order for that, a volume boost knob for each channel. After it finished and sent to me, I wasn’t taking much time to tried it with my B1. And finally what I ordered is what I Got ! Thanks ALV International !  

Ibanez TS9DX Flexi (Keeley Mod)
When I was searching for a sound sample of ts9dx in youtube, I saw a ts9dx flexi in Steve vai and John Petrucci’s pedal ! then I tried to search another sound sample of ts9dx flexi. I was suddenly loving it and decided to mod my ts9dx. I called ALV again and ordered for a ts9dx flexi, then I sent my ts9dx to ALV. And when it came to me, I surprised with it’s sound ! ALV made it true! My ts9dx is now being 100% Ts9dx flexi, They were doing a GREAT WORK !... Thank you so much ALV International ! I am now trusting you for my next custom projects !


Haryo S. Gum - Jakarta, Indonesia
Gear Approved : ALV Synth Preamp

ALV Synth Preamp
I'm not some kind a sound freaking guitarist. My gear used to called poormanrig, such a: 7 inch tablet, Korg Microkey, Kaossilator, and Kaosspad 3. Yes, I'm a synth player whose appear to cover another instrument. As a synth player we used to produced any various of sound that needed, while performing or recording.

To get deal with that, I hard to find some good low price pre-amp for my synth rig. So after several discussing, ALV suggests me about some custom product called ALV-synth preamp. Their suggestion was comprehensive and intelligently.

So after this stuff in my hand, I very surprise with their creation. The sound results was clear and not changing any tone, or give some un-needed character for the output. This is important thing for synth, since it can produce any sound character we want.
The surprise not ended, ALV add some extra features (that I was request previously), to make this preamp working as 2 channel, and fully stereo of each. This stuff can be working as mini mixer to adjust dry/wet signal from my rig. This function not to bothering KORG effect features at all, and give some advantages when you want to adjust direct/send signal to power amp.

If you wanna some good musician stuff with low price, ALV is the REAL DEAL..!!! good job guys...